Thai Basil

25 grams of thai basil on a scale
thai basil spread on an Excalibur dehydrator trail
1 grams of dehydrated thai basil



Dry Time 

10-12 hours

Wet Weight 

25 grams

Dry Weight 

1 grams

Notes / Directions 

  • Thai basil adds a great base flavor for Asian dishes on the trail, but won't last long without refrigeration.
  • Dehydrated Thai basil can be crumbled up and used in meals like the fresh variety.
  • It's easier to dehydrate the entire basil stem, then pull off all the leaves when it's dry.
  • The main stem is completely inedible and will be the last thing to dry, if the stem is the dry, everything else is dry.
  • Completely dry basil is crispy and will crumble very easily, so don't cut it up, and avoid drying small pieces as they'll fall through the dehydrator.