Minestrone Soup

Backpacking minestrone soup with Harmony House dehydrated ingredients
465 calories
120 grams

3.87 cal/g

macaroni noodles (raw, not-dehydrated)56g, 3/4 cup200 cal
Harmony House Tomatoes2 tbsp21 cal
Harmony House Carrots1 tbsp23 cal
Harmony House Celery1/2 tbsp3 cal
Harmony House Onions1 tbsp17 cal
Harmony House Green Beans1 tbsp9 cal
Harmony House Cabbage1 tbsp15 cal
Harmony House Northern Beans1 tbsp27 cal
Harmony House Red Beans1 tbsp25 cal
dried chives3/4 tsp0 cal
garlic powder1/8 tsp0 cal
dried parsley1/2 tsp0 cal
dried basil1/8 tsp0 cal
dried oregano1/8 tsp0 cal
kosher salt1/2 tsp0 cal
ground pepper1/8 tsp0 cal
olive oil1 tbsp123 cal

Note: all Harmony House ingredients can be found in their Backpacking Kit or substituted with your own dehydrated ingredients.

Serving Size: 

ONE Adventurer


Everything goes into one package, except for the olive oil.

After receiving the Harmony House Backpacking Kit I wondered what I’d do with all the different vegetables. It took some time but then it dawned on me, minestrone soup!

Harmony House ingredients for backpacking minestrone soup

Minestrone soup has no official recipe, and simply contains whatever vegetables are in season or available. It can have meat, or not, it can have rice, or pasta, it can be a vegetable based broth or a chicken stock. It’s whatever I (and you) want it to be.

The majority of recipes I’ve posted contain meat of some sort. I’m well aware that there are many people out there climbing mountains, fording rivers, and sleeping under the stars who “don’t eat friends” so this one's for y’all. Not only this is recipe vegetarian, it’s vegan too.

Dehydrated ingredients for backpacking minestrone soup

All dehydrated ingredients contained in this recipe can be found in the Harmony House Backpacking Kit or purchased individually. Alternatively, you can dehydrate each ingredient on your own if you’ve got a dehydrator and some time. The kit definitely makes life a lot more convenient given the number of ingredients involved. Everything else like the spices can be found readily at the grocery store, and more than likely it’s already in your pantry.

This recipe might be one of the best ones we’ve created so far. The ratio of effort to taste is remarkably high. Dump everything into a pot, fill it up with water, bring to a simmer, stir, cover and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. If you’re using something like a Jetboil, you literally only have to pay attention for 3-5 minutes. This translates into a huge fuel savings too.

Backpacking minestrone soup cooking in a Jetboil

cooked backpacking minestrone soup in a jetboil stove

If you’re feeling particularly fancy like me, you can toss in a packet of “fancy ketchup” to accentuate the tomato flavor that most minestrone soup is based on. I should note that Harmony House actually sells tomato powder, I just don’t have any of it. You could also add your own dehydrated tomato paste as well. Or leave it very well alone, it’s really delicious without any adulterating.

bowl of backpacking minestrone soup with ketchup packet


  1. Add all dry ingredients into pot.
  2. Fill with plenty of water to cover all ingredients with 1-2 inches of water.
  3. Bring to a simmer.
  4. As the vegetables and pasta rehydrate it may absorb a lot of water. Add more water if necessary to keep a soupy consistency.
  5. Simmer for approximately 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  6. To save fuel, turn off stove, cover and let sit for another 10-15 minutes.
  7. Finish with olive oil for extra calories.