Deli Turkey

163 grams of deli turkey on a scale
chopped deli turkey on a dehydrator tray
47 grams of dehydrated sliced deli turkey



Dry Time 

3-5 hours

Wet Weight 

163 grams

Dry Weight 

47 grams

Notes / Directions 

  • Deli sliced turkey is one of the few proteins that rehydrates very well and has a great texture and taste.
  • If possible, get the thinnest possible slices and avoid thick cuts.
  • It's not necessary to chop up the turkey, but it makes it easier to handle and add to meals. If you use full slices, be sure to separate them before drying.
  • Once dried, the turkey will be crunchy. If it's still pliable, it needs more time in the dehydrator.
  • The fat content in packaged turkey meat is around 4%, and will result in a pretty greasy end product. Be sure to properly store it after dehydration because it won't last as long as other ingredients.
  • Optionally, rinse the turkey under hot water before dehydrating to extend shelf life; and store refrigerated until ready to use.