253 grams of salsa on a scale
salsa spread on a dehydrator tray
27 grams of dehydrated salsa on a scale



Dry Time 

10-12 hours

Wet Weight 

253 grams

Dry Weight 

27 grams

Notes / Directions 

  • You can dehydrate canned, jarred, or fresh salsa!
  • Avoid dehydrating any salsa that contains oil. Salsa shouldn't contain oil anyway.
  • Dehydrated salsa will not rehydrate back into a dippable form, but it can be added to ground beef for tacos and such.
  • Salsa is sufficiently dehydrated if it becomes brittle. However, some parts may remain pliable and tacky.
  • Salsas that have a high sugar content may not become brittle at all, and may instead have the texture of fruit leather.