Black Beans

428 grams of canned black beans on a scale
black beans on a dehydrator tray
135 grams of dehydrated black beans on a scale



Dry Time 

8-12 hours

Wet Weight 

428 grams

Dry Weight 

135 grams

Notes / Directions 

  • Dehydrated black beans add protein and fiber to your backpacking meal.
  • Using canned black beans is the easiest method.
  • Drain and rinse thoroughly before placing it in the dehydrator.
  • If you make your own black beans, be sure to cook them thoroughly and drain and rinse as well.
  • Drying times can vary dramatically.
  • Dried beans may split open or stay whole.
  • Test for doneness by biting into a bean, it should be dry, powdery, and have an airy texture.