Greek Yogurt

169 grams of non-fat Greek yogurt on a scale
Greek yogurt spread on parchment paper
25 grams of dehydrated Greek yogurt on a scale



Dry Time 

4-8 hours

Wet Weight 

169 grams

Dry Weight 

25 grams

Notes / Directions 

  • Only use non-fat dairy products. Completely avoid full fat and even low fat dairy when used for dehydrating.
  • Because we're dealing with dairy, keep it refrigerated as much as possible.
  • Be sure to properly store and seal the dried yogurt to prevent any food illnesses. Vacuum pack with food safe dessicant, oxygen absorber, and refrigerate.
  • Dried yogurt will be crumbly, so much so it may be hard to handle.
  • This is to be used as a recipe ingredient. It will not reconstitute back into its original consistency.
  • Grind the yogurt in a mortar and pestle or in a food processor.
    Do not attempt to use it without turning it into a fine powder, you've been warned!