sliced pineapple on a food scale
sliced pineapple on dehydrator tray
dehydrated pineapple on food scale



Dry Time 

8-14 hours

Wet Weight 

268 grams

Dry Weight 

43 grams

Notes / Directions 

  • Slice pineapples into thicknesses no more than 1/4 inch.
  • Fresh or canned pineapples can be used.
  • Whole rings of pineapple can be dehydrated, just make sure it's sliced thinner for quicker and thorough drying.
  • Drying times depend heavily on how thick pineapple is sliced.
  • Once dry, thinner areas may be brittle and crispy while parts closer to the core remain chewy.
  • It may feel tacky but should not be sticky to the touch or leave sticky residue on your hands.
  • Great in trail mix!