14 grams of cilantro on a scale
cilantro spread on a dehydrator tray
1 gram of dried cilantro



Dry Time 

3-5 hours

Wet Weight 

14 grams

Dry Weight 

1 grams

Notes / Directions 

  • Many people recommend removing the stem from cilantro, don't do it! That's where most of the flavor is.
  • This option is great for those who can't finish a bundle of cilantro before it goes bad, but note that the flavor is significantly bolder than fresh.
  • Do not chop the cilantro before dehydrating, it will only be more work to remove it from the tray in tiny pieces.
  • Instead, trim and dehydrate them whole. You can crush it up into smaller pieces once it's dry.
  • Dried cilantro is very brittle and packs a big flavor punch.